HS baseball team out of playoffs after sexting scandal | www.krmg.com

I cannot ever recall being so naïve, even as a teenager . . . 

HS baseball team out of playoffs after sexting scandal | www.krmg.com

Part of the “digital age” is “sexting.” And, you would figure that parents and other adults would have long ago discussed the dangers of sexting and youngsters would be far less reckless . . .

The subject story tells us of a high school varsity baseball team on it’s way to the “play-offs” that gets “benched” because some of the players girlfriends sent inappropriate photos to their respective team members.

Now this is where the “naïve” comes into play. As much as the sexting itself is a very bad idea that could lead to all sorts of future issues, the Players forwarding the pictures and showing them off to others is borderline idiocy. Sure, boys will be boys. But, why would you show off your girlfriend in compromising pictures to anyone else for?

“Honey I love you, wait until my friends see you in this picture . . .”

Makes you wonder if one or two will find themselves victims of “sextortion” in the future. Or, if one or two lose the possibility of the Presidency because forty years from now todays pictures return to haunt them. Even serious love relationships today can become serious hate relationships in the future and such pictures could be used against you.

If you must participate in sexting or any form of compromising photography, I have a suggestion for you . . .

Get pictures from the other person too. At least that way you can defend yourself if the other participant tries to use yours against you.

But, the threat from being made a victim by your indiscretion is often from someone else. So, in the future while you are playing sex slave to somebody blackmailing you with threats of showing your pictures to your church, work, and parents, just remember that allowing yourself be blackmailed will always be a bigger issue than facing the music for being stupid while young. Almost everyone will probably laugh at  you and call you stupid, but they will forgive being young a lot more than you being blackmailed into something far more severe. If you find yourself in this situation, talk to your parents. Even in anger, they love you and will at least be there to bitch at you while they help you through it. Do not even consider suicide. It is a lousy alternative to just riding it out. Besides, there will be many more opportunities for you to disgrace yourself during your life that can be far more damaging to your life. You will find as you mature, that even those we consider beyond reproach have their own disgraces hidden in their past also.

There will be a test on this topic at some time in your life, so please re-read this topic until you understand that sexting is not a very good idea for anyone . . .   

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