Brazil, Mexico summon U.S. ambassadors over espionage reports –


Most Americans fail to recognize the Spy Game . . .

Brazil, Mexico summon U.S. ambassadors over espionage reports –

We are in a world where our own citizens do not realize that 9/10ths of the world spies on one another. People fail to see that every country has people in every country ready to act upon orders from their homeland.

Do you not realize right now Al Qaeda have cells in a number of our major cities waiting for orders to strike? Syria has people here to act upon their orders. China, Japan, and everybody else has people that you see every day that are here to spy and act upon orders from their homeland. And, this little fuck Snowden is helping them by giving up all of our game while our enemies retain their secrecy and laugh.

There is not a single act Snowden has done that has not been a direct attack on the people of the United States. And, half the Country thinks he is a hero. You fail to realize that Snowden was either paid to do what he is doing, possibly by a foreign government, with ill intent to cause harm to the United States. Or, even more stupid, paid by a politician to cause problems for President Obama. Regardless, by taking our secret activities to foreign governments, Snowden has maliciously attacked the United States. He is no hero. He is nothing but a Traitor to the United States, a dishonest little boy, and a zero.

If Snowden keeps up his disclosures, America will continue to lose standing with a number of Countries. America will be embarrassed and ridiculed. Not because we play the spy game like everybody else, but because we let Snowden get away with tearing apart our ability to track and counter acts against us.

What you should be asking is why the other countries are not matching the disclosures made by Snowden. Where is the other nations transparency?. There is none! Most of our Country is running around ignorant to the fact that the other nations are actively playing their spy games on our soil with ill intent, just waiting. And, like a bunch of idiots we are playing right into their hands by thinking that we have done somebody wrong. Do you fail to remember that people were sent from other countries to be trained how to fly airliners to perform the 9/11 attack upon us?

Some of you people need to grow up just a tad and realize that we are about to be fighting on our own soil, and our own citizens are going to help them bring it to us, all while believing themselves standing up for our rights. I unlike many of you will be worm-meal in a few years. Many of you will be watching your children die fighting people sent here last week to wait for their orders to attack. If you do not see the threat already here in America, you are not alone. Today our intelligence network cannot see them either. Thanks to Mr. Snowden and everyone that thinks he is doing something good for this Country.

I tell you one thing for certain. As an American Citizen I have not authorized Mr. Snowden to release any secrets of the United States to anybody. Not to foreign governments, and not to news media. Snowden does not represent myself or my interests at all.

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