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I Think We Need To Leave The Middle-East . . .

Create A Petition | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

I am of the opinion that rather than attack Syria of their use of chemical agents against their own people, we need to send a message to all of the Middle-East.

We have been wrapped up in their wars, their politics, and their hatred for long enough. Presently, our Government is planning an attack on Syria that will further drag us into their issues. We do not need be involved in any more conflicts in the Middle-East. The action that should be taken is not just in response to Syria, but to the entire Middle-East.

We should advise all of the Middle-East that the American People have had enough. We should then break all diplomatic ties with every Country in the Middle-East, pack up our people, pack up our Military, and bring everybody home. We should then put a hold on all immigrants trying to enter the U.S. and defend America if and when necessary.

If the Middle-East wants to form an alliance with Russia, let them without controversy. It will cost us nothing and will screw up Russia for many years to come.

I have started a Petition on the Whitehouse web site at Please support this petition and help us out of the Middle-East.

2 thoughts on “Create A Petition | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

  1. You’re right that we should leave the middle east alone but I’ll bet you anything that the west plays a HUGE part in starting or escalating a lot of those conflicts. Some good news though, Russia managed to tone it down a wee bit for now by convincing Syria to hand over it’s chemical weapons to be destroyed.Tell ya this now though, the west needs to butt out and deal with its own problems first before starting them elsewhere. I wish people in the democratic world would grow a backbone and be a part of it, and vote or else how dare we become high and mighty telling other nations that they should be the same way.


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