Georgia insurance commissioner bragged publicly about sabotaging Obamacare | The Raw Story


Lot’s of people bitch about President Obama . . .

Georgia insurance commissioner bragged publicly about sabotaging Obamacare | The Raw Story

I have watched this President go through the better part of two terms. During this time, I have watched Politicians that have a duty to their citizenry to represent the citizenry, not to do their job. Instead, they have been doing everything they can to derail the President . . . contrary to the voice of the people.

People of America, look at the Politicians representing you. Are they making decisions for you that are not what you want. Are they disregarding the voice of the people and doing as they damn well please? I believe, that if we were to take a look at our Politicians from City Council to the President, we would discover those elected to represent us are not doing so. Sure they come to work, sure they answer the phone, but they are acting upon their own agenda, with absolute disregard for your voice.

And, they have been very busy. They write new laws, they recommend changes to policy, and they obstruct the Office of the President. Did you ask them to do this? I know I didn’t. So, that leaves but one possibility. Our politicians do not represent us. They represent themselves, or someone other than the people that elected them.

It is time that politicians either do their job, or get the hell out of the Office, allowing someone that will do the job to take their place. Personally, I believe that come next election whomever is in office is out, replaced by someone new. It is time for these politicians to realize that we want to be heard, not talked to.

I’m serious folks, we have been getting the “shaft” for years. Every important conversation to every documented change in our daily lives has been at the discretion of politicians not doing their damn jobs. They are doing what “they” want, not what we want for far too damn long.

I do not dislike President Obama. I realize he got handed a bunch of crap when he stepped into office. I also realize that were the rest of the politicians doing their jobs, President Obama’s performance statistics would significantly improve. So would a lot of things affecting our lives on a day to day basis. These Politicians took an Oath of Office to both represent us, and honor the President. They do neither.

If you Politicians cannot adequately do your jobs, please leave so we can replace you without further delay!

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