Women fight wannabe thief


Every  time I go to an ATM Machine . . .

Women fight wannabe thief

I do not know about you folks, but every time I go to an ATM Machine I watch everything and everybody . . .

Our subject video tells us of a couple of ladies that were visiting the ATM at their local bank when this youngster rolls up on his bicycle and attempts to liberate some cash from the ladies ATM transaction. It was a brief interaction in which the young lad not only didn’t get any of the cash, but damn near lost his bicycle after he spit at  one of the ladies.


Everybody thinks crime is down.  Okay, so we only had a couple hundred murders, and just short of way too many other crimes happen today, but it’s okay. Statistics show crime is down. Who gives a “dog-squat” about statistics. One murder is too many if it is you that gets murdered. We really need to devote more attention to “gangs” and “juvenile offenders” if we want to improve our streets.

Regardless, our subject story further supports my contention that folks in America have had enough of being taken advantage of, and are fighting back. I’m telling you criminals, you need to be careful cause even Granny is just waiting for a chance to “Pop a cap in yo ass” and she might do so if you mess with her.

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