Police beating caught on video


Allow me to explain the difference . . .

Police beating caught on video

Had this man of been a minority, the entire nation would be enraged. There would be calls for the arrests of the Officers, threats of retaliation, rioting in the streets, and every political activist that could use the incident for self promotion would be climbing aboard the band wagon. But, it is a white man . . . and nobody gives a shit!

Rodney King was not subjected to worse. As a matter of fact, nobody I can think of that made the news received any worse than this guy is getting. And, the trouble with this is the racists in our Country see this as a “white man” while Rodney King was a “black man.” And, the people of this Country do not realize that there are far more white men beat the hell out of by Cops than any other race.

If the same people that jump to the defense of others beaten the same way were to come to the defense of this man, it would be a far better world, or at least for us a far better Country. Is it not ridiculous! Nobody cares because this man is white. And, every man, woman, and child that marched to the streets, every political activist that climbed upon their soapbox, and every government official that has jumped to the defense of any minority in similar situation, failing to do so for this man, does nothing less than demonstrate just how racist this Country and you as individuals are.

You are not supposed to stand for a man because of his color when a wrong committed. You are supposed to stand for a man because a wrong committed. Remember how important not being a racist is the next time a minority is subjected to this kind of abuse.

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