Wall Street Journal Cargo Bike review, Yuba Mundo


Most of us quit riding bicycles long ago . . .

Wall Street Journal Cargo Bike review, Yuba Mundo

But, as our subject story tells us, the bicycle has changed quite a bit since I rode my old “spyder” down the dirt roads of Palm City, Florida over 50 years ago. During the past few years there has been a noticeable increase in people of all ages enjoying bicycles as a hobby. Sausalito, California appears to have more bicycle traffic than cars on any given weekend. And, nobody can argue the health benefits of cycling.

I guess that in addition to “pleasure” bicycling, there is a recent trend of “industrial” bicycling that is making all sorts of uses for bicycles. I guess you really cannot call it a recent trend for differing usage, but a recent trend for new design for differing usage. ( If that makes any sense at all. It sounded good when I said it. I hope it made sense when you heard it. )

While I find the new designs very interesting, the price tags that come with them is just a bit too costly for such bicycles to make it into the hands of those they would best benefit. I see an inner-city college student doing deliveries, or a kid in suburbia delivering newspapers as getting a strong advantage with such a bicycle. But, at these prices a kid better have a wealthy parent or have a heck of a second job to be able to afford one. How would someone from the less developed countries afford to buy a bicycle so expensive? And, the prices are less for motorized scooters of similar configuration. Maybe after these become more common or at least less costly to manufacture the prices will make their purchase more appealing.

Regardless, if you have any interest in bicycles, bicycling, or industrial bicycles, you will enjoy the subject story. 

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