#Thieves Targeting Women In Restaurants . . .


This guy has balls of steel . . .


What kind of jerk slips right up behind a lady and grabs her wallet completely undetected? What kind of balls does that take. It is a shame, when somebody with that much balls is nothing more than a frigging pick-pocket.

Our subject story and video shows us how a gent slips up behind a gal seated at a table and grabs her wallet completely undetected. This guy is within a couple inches of her and she doesn’t see or sense anything amiss. While I would like to believe this guy having “balls of steel” and the ability to do amazing things, the facts are he is just another crook taking advantage of others.

The best thing you can derive from this story is the knowledge that you must be aware of your surroundings at all times. Always be aware of movement around you. And NEVER, place your purse, wallet, or other valuables where you cannot see or feel their presence. What I mean by this is, place your purse in a location where someone would have to pass into your “line of sight” to gain access to it if sitting alone. If seated with others it is possible to place your purse where one of your party would see anyone reaching for your purse. I hope I made that understandable. The idea is to place your purse in a location that you or someone you trust to say something, if someone were to attempt to access it. DO NOT, leave your wallet setting atop a table in plain view or accessible to someone to grab and run with.

AND, NEVER display large amounts of cash in your possession. If you are going to flash cash, flash a small amount making it look like you have little to steal to look less appealing to those that would like to liberate your money from you. Most people become victims due to lack of attention and lack of concern. For every person that is just trying to enjoy their life and live an honest hard-working, pay your bills, and try to get ahead in life type of life, there is at least five people near you at almost any time that wants to take that from you. ( Alright, I have no statistics. I have conducted no study. And, my suggested amount of five may not be correct. But, if you stop anytime during your day and look closely around you . . . how many do you see? )

Now, if you tried the above exercise and did observe what I see to be true, that there are a number of people that you cannot trust around you quite often during your daily activities, you now understand. Keep that level of awareness at all times. It might save you the loss of your valuables, or at least make you a good witness for yourself or someone else. If it ever becomes a choice of risk your safety or lose a possession, lose the possession. You can always make more money, buy more things, but you only have one life . . . 

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