Security or profiling? Brooklyn bank bans hoodies, hats and sunglasses | PIX 11#axzz2eFw5dvhI#axzz2eFw5dvhI


I’m gonna bitch because my bank is tired of being robbed . . .

Security or profiling? Brooklyn bank bans hoodies, hats and sunglasses | PIX 11#axzz2eFw5dvhI#axzz2eFw5dvhI

The subject story here tells us of a Bank that wants people to show their faces inside of the bank for security reasons. And, people have to make a fuss about it.

People are ignorant! What makes you think it acceptable to do business while looking like a thug? I would not trust you if you stood before me wearing a “hoodie” and “dark sunglasses” if I was a shop or other business owner. You can find a million reasons for being dressed like that, but the primary reason “thugs” dress like that is to conceal their appearance. They simply dress to conceal themselves.

Now, what reason do you have to conceal yourself from anyone else? Oh you do not have a reason to hide from others? Then why do you do it? Because it is comfortable? You are the only one comfortable, everyone else is just waiting for the jerk hiding in the hoodie to start or do something. How is this acceptable?

Even if you dress that way as a defense tool, you bring attention to yourself. Women who used to dress in baggy clothes to conceal their feminine shape, are now recognized as probably having such shape, simply because of that style of dress. Women that hide behind a hoodie and dark glasses, not only are easily detectable, but by dressing that way are seen as weak because they hide. Seldom do you see anyone dressed like this unless they are insecure or a thug.

Seriously. Think about it. Everywhere you go dressed like that, every store owner, employee, and security are watching you. They are not watching you because of the color of your skin or because you have done something wrong. They are watching you because you have chosen to hide yourself as though you have intent to do something. You create the problem, not them.

And this is where, you as a “responsible adult” have a choice. Am I going to dress to attract the attention of everyone by hiding myself from everyone? The only reason for dressing in a hoodie and sunglasses is on your morning/evening jog or gym visit. Otherwise, grow up, it has never been acceptable attire for anything else.

Yes, you do have the “right” to dress any way you like. But just like youngsters wearing their pants halfway to their knees showing off their boxers, may be a fad, it does not make it right or socially acceptable. And, most men and women that mature in adulthood stop dressing in such a manner. If you want to be treated like a gang member, dress like a gang member. But, do not bitch when you get treated like a gang member because  of it.

Were I you and a member of the bank subject of this story, I would support my bank 150% because regardless it possibly considered profiling, the act is for your protection. How many bank robbers come into the bank without attempt to disguise themselves? None! Okay there may have been one or two in the past million bank robberies, but not too many to make a marked difference.

Let me asked you another question. Have you ever been in a bank during a robbery? Have you ever been frightened to death by some thug that you cannot tell anything about because he has concealed himself? Believe me, the psychological effect that this creates is terrific. Have you ever been robbed on the street by someone in such attire? Do you ever wonder why nobody is friendly towards you when dressed like that?

FFSake people. If you want to go hide behind your hoodie and you glasses, go ahead and do so. But, do not blame the rest of the world because we have tired of your little games where business between grown ups takes place. 

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