Two teens foil kidnapping


How does it feel to save someone’s life . . .

Two teens foil kidnapping

The subject story/video tells us of a couple of teenagers that while stopped at a red light observed a woman’s pleas for help. Little did the teenagers know but the woman had just been hit over the head and forced into the back of her car by a thug with a gun. The teenagers followed the car while calling police and probably saved this woman from being in the news as a death instead of being saved.

GOOD JOB KIDS! Thank you for being aware and acting upon it.

Most of us today do not pay attention to very much. And, many of us disregard what we see when we see it so we do not have to get involved. But, all of us wish somebody had been paying attention when something happens to us or a loved one. Yes, most of us are kind of selfish in this regard. We want others to look out for us while we choose not to look out for them.

Would you like to see how little we care for each other in this regard? Have you ever seen the show,”What Would You Do?” Google “What Would You Do” and follow the links to videos of the show you can watch. You would be amazed at the disregard people show for others, even when they know someone about to be victimized. My experience in viewing shows me that women have twice the guts as men as women tend to act more readily. And, in one you can see numerous men disregard a young girl in danger, to be rescued by a couple of youngsters instead.

I’ll not point out the video most surprising, but I left out a very interesting point in the young girl rescue . . . See if you can find it. It is very visible and socially important. If you find it send back a comment, please.

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