White nationalists aim to take over tiny North Dakota town – CNN.com


All it takes is one idiot . . .

White nationalists aim to take over tiny North Dakota town – CNN.com

“Racism” is a pretty simple topic. “All men are created equal”, pretty easy to understand. Why is it that it only takes one idiot to pull people into the path of a runaway freight train to “Stupid?”

The subject story tells us about some little “hick” town out in the “sticks” with a population of 12 that is trying to be a “whites only” community. Out of 12 people, 11 are white. There is 1 black man married to a white woman.

The most remarkable part of this story is the idea that any of us truly care about this old racist white guy that obviously is trying to attain some sort of notoriety for himself. The racist idiot has already “earmarked” himself an idiot. Must we further his cause by adding credibility to his cause? If I had funding to do so . . . I would rent, buy, and build a circle of properties around this little town, each providing some sort of educational resource relative to hatred. One would be education regarding racism, another sexism, and on and on so that you could not come in or out of the town without having to pass one. And, I would encourage everyone of all colors, sexual preference, or religious faith to do business with the town, for a period of about a year. Then I would pack it all up and leave the town without all the money created by the people involved to return to 12 broke backwoods idiots alone in their wonderful whiteness, and go about my business.

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