107-year-old man killed in police shootout, authorities say – CNN.com


This is a Law Enforcement failure . . .

107-year-old man killed in police shootout, authorities say – CNN.com

I do not believe it ever necessary to have to kill a person over 60 years of age. I simply do not believe it in any way necessary . . .

The subject story tells us of a 107 year old man that has locked himself in his room with a gun. Subsequent Police activity results in the death of the old man, shot by Police.

Now, do not misunderstand me. The Police were just doing their job. But, they are not doing their job as well as they could be. Since when is it necessary to send in a SWAT Team on an old man that poses no threat to anyone other than himself? As long as he was locked within his own room all alone, it was not necessary the Police force the door to his room open and attack him. At 107 years of age, who knows the state of mind of the old man?

There is always a better way. Any other option that does not require a direct confrontation leading to someone’s death. This is not always true when dealing with younger people or hostage type situations. But, they could have just posted a couple Officers on scene to contain the old man until he fell asleep, got hungry, had to use the bathroom, or needed his medications. Why was it necessary for a SWAT Team to break down his door, probably scaring the old man half out of his wits?

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