Colorado teen killed in prank gone wrong –


Sometimes fun, just doesn’t end up that way . . .

Colorado teen killed in prank gone wrong –

The subject story tells us about a couple of youngsters that are victims of a prank gone bad, taking the life of a 18 year old girl.

One of the youngsters hid in a closet to scare the another youngster that was staying at the house as a prank. When the scare went live, the guy that was pranked grabbed a gun and shot the girl. This is a bad situation for all concerned as they are all friends or family. It is a shame.

The one thing that should have been done, was the gun should not have been available to be used.  Even if it was available, a trigger lock probably could have prevented this death. People just are not getting the hint. Secure your weapons so they cannot be just picked up and used.

Presently, not a week goes by in which at least two or three situations of firearm usage result in harm to someone not intended to be harmed. Regardless who fires the gun, if it is your gun, you are responsible for the use of it. At some point it will be common for gun owners to be charged for “murder” or a lesser charge of murder for someone else shooting someone with your gun. Most States currently have the laws on their books to do so but have not really charged many this way.

But, tolerance for misuse of firearms that could have been avoided by simply securing the weapon from use by others is wearing thin. Guns are dangerous. Guns are really dangerous in the wrong hands. DO NOT allow your gun to be used by someone else, secure your weapon by locking the weapon in a secure place, or use a trigger lock.

And, every gun has the potential for misuse. A long time ago, when I was just a “rookie” cop, I went home with a young lady for the evening. Before joining her in bed, I removed my off-duty weapon and concealed it on the nightstand beside the bed. I woke up late the following morning and rushed away from her home forgetting my weapon until I was about one red-light away from her house. By the time I was able to reach her by phone, she had accidently fired my weapon sending a live bullet into her closet, and scaring the hell out of herself.

I learned right at that moment that I qualified for “dumbass” and decided securing my weapons the best choice. Another thing carrying a firearm taught me, is unless you intend to kill someone you do not need to carry a gun. It isn’t  a case of wanting to use the gun. It becomes a case for having to use it because you have it. If you did not have the gun, you would have found a different way to handle the situation. Not that certain situations do not require use of a gun, because there are many that can only be handled with a gun. There are certain situations in which you would have fought a person, but could not do so as it would put you in the position of possibly losing your gun to your adversary if you fought that closely. Let’s just say, carrying a gun limits your ability to respond to situations sometimes.

If you own a gun, secure it from use by others, PLEASE.

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