Man tricks pregnant girlfriend into taking abortion pill –

Talk about a “cold” . . .

Man tricks pregnant girlfriend into taking abortion pill –

Our subject story and video tells us about a gal that got pregnant. While she was thrilled about it, her lover the father, was not. He slipped her some pills that took care of her pregnancy, broke her heart, and ruined the relationship. In the Courts, he may face up to 15 years in prison for his misdeeds.

Talk about a “Cold” individual. I guess he did not want the baby, but she did. She had intent to have the child. He had intent not to allow such to happen, so it didn’t. Now, before you go getting yourself worked up into a dither, allow me to explain some reality to you. An unplanned pregnancy, a forced wedding, and a young man’s future tend not to mix. From the moment that you acknowledge you have a child and/or a wife, you as a young man no longer have a life. What you are left with is “self-inflicted slavery” for the rest of your life.

It matters not that you are in love. It matters not if marriage plans were already considered for your future. What matters is everything you planned to do with your life between today and when you planned to settle down. And, the resentment that you will feel for getting trapped by these circumstances as your life progresses. I am not talking about plans like a fishing weekend with your buddies. I am talking about educational, occupational, financial, buying a motorcycle and a boat types of plans.

For everyone of those plans given up to start a family you are not yet ready for, a regret is begun. Regrets, will eat a man’s soul away, cause damage to his brain, and destroy relationships faster than drugs, alcohol, or that cute little blond chick that works at the grocery.

Even if the relationship fails and you choose to move on with your life, you can’t. For the rest of your life, every day for the rest of your life . . . the decision to have that child and begin your unplanned family, will haunt you. You will suffer dramatic financial losses, you will face difficulties trying to ever have a decent relationship again, and you will never have free time to do what you want to do. And, there will be nothing you can do about it, nothing at all. You will be victimized by the Courts, taken advantage of by the Mother of your child, and probably treated poorly by half of your friends. For every positive thing that happens in your future, somebody will be there to destroy your happiness. This is your reality!

Now, I do not condone, nor suggest you kill your unplanned baby. Once it has come to this stage you are screwed. What I suggest you do is take action to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. I do not care if you “pull out,” use “birth control,”  “pour super glue in it “ or “staple” that thing closed, but do everything you can to prevent unplanned pregnancy and marriage, until you  are ready for it to happen.

And, if you don’t . . . You planted the seed stupid, it is all on you. Good luck, your life is over. Here come the regrets you promised you would never have. They should allow boys the option of getting their nuts snipped from the first sign of puberty . . . Or at least offer a “DIY” kit for doing it yourself at home.

This is to be re-blogged with additional information from the news of 9/11/2013

Jeremy Steen gets to pay child support because the woman that molested him got pregnant. He was a minor when the child was conceived . . .

Victim Ordered to Pay Child Support to Aggressor | Live Wire Review

If you recall, when I wrote the previous post to this topic I seemed quite serious about how an unplanned child or marriage could destroy a young man’s life. Here is a prime example. The subject of this of this story tells us about a fifteen year old boy, sexually molested by his thirty-four  year old baby-sitter who was later charged with statutory rape of the young man. The baby-sitter gets pregnant and also gets incarcerated for the rape of the boy. Five years later she gets custody of her child again. She went to the Welfare folks who promptly started giving her benefits supporting the child. They also promptly went after the father of the child, the rape victim for child support. The young man is nineteen years old now, and has a child support obligation in excess of $23,000.00 plus a monthly responsibility of $475.00 per month.

There is seriously something wrong with our laws, or Justice System, and our Government allowing such a loss to a victim of a real crime.Look at it this way . . . The young rape victim has a real financial obligation that will ruin a significant portion of his life, while the whore that put him in this situation gets to live for free.

3 thoughts on “Man tricks pregnant girlfriend into taking abortion pill –

  1. I agree with what the guy did, his mistake was telling someone.
    You may be surprised at the number of times this happens in college towns.
    the local street pharmacist sells RU486 and other pills to young men daily.
    They are easily bought in Mexico or some internet sites. The guys find several ways to get to her. One of the best is he cooks a big meal to celebrate the baby, and puts it in her food. Then she miscarries and he blames her for being reckless and not taking care of herself and baby.
    This gives him a trump card uf they still date and she catches him cheating.
    Others pay girls that may not like her in her dorm to slip it to her somehow.
    rce an abortion
    A man should have the same options a woman has, if the has the right to choose abortion. the man should have the choice to fo


    • I am not sure if I would have done so. But, knowing what I know today of the evils of people, the unfairness and fraud of the Courts, and the inability of a young man to survive when made a victim of such situations, I certainly would have at least used some sort of protection. I hear that the Insurance industry considered a “pregnancy” insurance but determined it too much a risk even if every male on the planet bought a policy. The problem is not the women or even the pregnancy, but the Attorneys. There is not an Attorney today that will take the easy short route in a Court case if they can drag it out and make a dollar more out of it and most Family Court cases are decided without any consideration of how the man has to live with the chains created because of a moments indiscretion.


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