Uncle arrested in death of 7-year-old Willow Long – CNN.com


How do you hurt a little 7 year old girl . . .

Uncle arrested in death of 7-year-old Willow Long – CNN.com

How can you hurt and kill a little seven year old girl, and live with yourself  . . .

Our subject story tells us about an Uncle to a little seven year old girl that apparently has no problem living with himself after allegedly killing his niece. She is just a baby. How do you kill a baby? What interest does a child hold for an adult? I simply cannot understand . . .

I am going to tell you the truth. I cannot understand how a man can achieve an erection to even think of a sex act with a child. I cannot understand how a man can retain an erection if with a woman that is under duress and/or crying. 

Now, do not misunderstand. I enjoy a pretty good sex life and a little non-consensual fantasy action can be a thrill. But, the second I believe my partner serious in her lack of desire for the act, my anatomy turns off it’s interest. So, how do men find the ability to participate in such activity when their partner clearly not a willing participant? And, how the hell can they do such with a child? Even worse, how can they do such with a child that is related to them?

Let me point out that the subject story tells us the child dead and the Uncle suspect, but no mention of sexual misconduct is included in the story. I just do not  see any reason why an Uncle would kill his niece for anything less than such a horrific crime.

Regardless his reason, the death of the girl is just not right. I know this may sound stupid, but the powers above have a way of making one pay for their trespasses and abuse of others.

2 thoughts on “Uncle arrested in death of 7-year-old Willow Long – CNN.com

  1. Tell ya a story. In the last five years over here in lil Britain, there have been no less than 3 high profile stories about exactly this. Actually I can think of two more that are worse.
    It i horrific to think that someone can do this to any child, family or not, but they do and I have to wonder where nature/god went wrong in making them because I don’t think any human being can do that.

    A few years back, a victim, known as Baby P (They never gave an actual name.. as if n identity to the dead really mattered) was murdered but her mother through some truly horrific torture that most people would dread thinkin about inflicting even onto any adult. That one was sick and very disturbing. Wanna know the best part? She’s no longer in jail anymore, can’t remember why but probably something stupid like human rights, can’t have the baby killer killed by her cell mates, right…? Last year she even won the local lottery draw, I remember that cuz there was a big stink about it. A little after that, an 11 year old girl went missing. you’ll never guess where she turned up… After two weeks of searching a a heck of a lot of suspicion, she was found in her grandparents house dead. Not entirely sure what happened but both grandparents were arrested for interfering in a police investigation and quite a lot more after that too. There were one or two more as well but the two I’ve mentioned are enough ^.^; These are the kinds of people the death penalty was made for because no amount of therapy, medicine or jail time will bring back the people they’ve killed and the lives they have taken away. Best thing for them is to hang them so that they can’t do it again.


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