Dad beats peeper for spying on girls


A fathers right to defend his family should be guaranteed by law regardless of act taken or damage done . . .

Dad beats peeper for spying on girls

When you think of all the children harmed by sexual deviants, predators, and pedophiles on almost a daily basis, a father should be allowed free reign to beat any person that does anything offensive or threatening to his child. Seriously, a parents right to defend their family is one of the only true justifications for violence. All animals defend their offspring. Why should humans be considered different.

Other forms of violence are usually the act of wrong-doing. Defending your child is not a wrong-doing. It is a parental responsibility as much as feeding and caring for a child is. Dependent upon the circumstances, a parent can even be charged with a criminal act for not defending their child.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that a parent is bound by nature to get crazy in defense of their offspring. And, if a situation comes along and a parent “goes off” on somebody for doing a wrong to their child, “so be it.”

“But, he damn near beat the guy to death.”

“Your point? He shouldn’t of been wanking his wang while slobbering on my kids bathroom window.” 

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