Man tackles teen’s alleged attacker


Sometimes a man has to do, what a man has to do  . . .

Man tackles teen’s alleged attacker

The subject story/video tells us about a sixteen year old girl that gets attacked by an adult male that for an unknown reason threw her to the ground. Another man observed the attack and come to the girls aid by tackling the attacker, allowing the girl the opportunity to flee to the safety of a nearby auto repair shop. Once at the auto repair shop, the shop manager helped the girl until police arrived.

You can hear a woman’s voice in the background saying that the “managers” are holding him down, but there is a little confusion on my behalf. Who is the guy that tackled the attacker? He is the hero to this story. What possessed him to take the risk of going to the girls rescue?

And, there should be some sort of follow-up to this story. Why did the guy attack the girl in the first place? Did he know the girl?

This is a garbage story! Why write a story if you aren’t going to tell the story?

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