Missouri man gets 20 years for keeping sex slave – CNN.com


Sexual Slavery should be a Death Penalty Offense . . .

Missouri man gets 20 years for keeping sex slave – CNN.com

And, I am damn serious. The subject story tells us of a 16 year old runaway that met this guy in December of 2002. From then until February 2009 this guy held her as a sex slave that he would do all sorts of offensive things to.

The guy gets a 20 year sentence from the Courts. Bullshit! When are we going to understand that victims of this kind of abuse are traumatized for life. They are forced to live their own sentence for the rest of their lives. Their childhood, their social growth, and everything from sex with a future loved one, if they can ever have a future loved one is effected by the abuse they have lived. How does 20 equal a lifetime?

Sexual Predators destroy lives. They do not just destroy the moment, the hour, the day . . . They destroy the victims entire future. Why are they not penalized accordingly. I think the sentence of death immediately subsequent to a finding of guilt, is a just punishment. Face it, every such offender when released from incarceration, commits similar offense again. I do not believe there is a single sexual predator that has only damaged a single life, all are repeat offenders. In the case of the subject story, the guys wife, his friends, and even strangers victimized this child, repeatedly.

The only thing more offensive than these sexual predators, is us for allowing them to continue breathing the air we do. 

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