Cops: Kids stole $100K in jewelry heist


Mama, don’t teach your babies to be criminals . . .

Cops: Kids stole $100K in jewelry heist

Nothing pisses me off more than seeing a parent teaching and using their children to commit a crime . . .

Our subject story/video tells us about a Jewelry Shop in which a local mother of two small children has the children stealing valuables for her while she blocks and distracts the view of the store employee. The video clearly shows the children snatching stuff as fast as the can and stashing it for Momma. The video claims about $100,000.00 in valuables stolen.

Now when these children get caught or killed, involved in some criminal act before they reach puberty, their Mother will be right on the front page screaming about her wonderful children that never do anything wrong and how they have been set up or some stupid shit. And, she  will be right.

The Mother of these children is without question setting these children up for a life of criminal behavior that will likely destroy any possibility of opportunity for socially acceptable growth of the children. While other children are learning how to do their school work, these children will be learning how to commit crimes. Later in life when other children are learning how to drive, these children will be stealing cars, and so the story goes.

The thing that bothers me most in this situation is, you may be the biggest skank thieving whore in the world, but as a parent you have to want better for your children. Why would you teach your children how to commit crimes, knowing damn well eventually they will end up in jail or dead because of it? Even more of a concern is, why would you teach black children conduct that would hinder their future growth potential.

( Okay, allow me to explain this comment. It is already claimed that black children lose many opportunities, simply because they are black. So were I a black parent, my goals would be to see my child learned how not to be a criminal, receive a good education, and take advantage of every option that would increase the child’s ability to compete with those his peers for future success. Teaching children to be criminals, creates criminals not future leaders of industry. ) ( Mind you, I am not giving anything more than my opinion in this regard. )

If anyone is sentencing these children to a life of standing on street corners bitching about how society has failed them, it is the Mother. And, people that know this woman should be after this woman to stop doing this to her children and see her raise those children right so they have an opportunity for a bright future.

( Maybe my pointing out the probable damage to the future of these children as black children rather than just children is inappropriate as it makes no difference the color of the child being taught these things, except the contention of segments of society that claim color alone creates a strike against a child’s future potential. If the aforementioned statement is offensive to anyone please accept my apologies as no offense was intended. )

I believe every parents hope for their children is that the children realize a brighter more prosperous future than that of the parent.

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