Mom’s sexy ‘selfies’ ban: Double standard? –


The difference between self-sexual exploitation and sharing photographs . . .

Mom’s sexy ‘selfies’ ban: Double standard? –

The subject story tells of a mother that posts to her sons facebook pages that sexy selfies will result in ban from their site because the mother believes doing such is inappropriate. There are a lot of comments and discussion within the subject story, but I will still offer my point of view.

Fifteen year old girls need not be competing with others on the Internet to post the sexiest selfie. Plain and simple, they need not post anything that compromises their being anything other than cute little girls. But, most twelve to sixteen year old girls believe they have to rush to womanhood and this is a proving ground event for them and make the mistake of posting pictures that make that sweet little girl appear as though a Centerfold Model for an adult magazine.

Who do they make these pictures available to? Young boys at the beginning of puberty! If ever a time not to throw raw meat to a dog, a young man’s puberty is that time. People seem to forget that many a young man cannot even look at a old lady in a burlap bag without it causing discomfort. Now, throw a pic of a young lady that reeks of sexual desire and innocence at the same time. What do you think the young man’s thoughts are going to be? Where do you think his mind will go with the visual stimulation these young girls plaster everywhere on the Internet? We are animals. It is part of our being to be excited by visual imagery of the female form. It lasts from the onset of puberty until death. You cannot teach boys or men not to be effected by this stimulation. You can only teach them how to properly conduct themselves as men and exercise constraint.

Teenage girls for as long as I have been alive, have done their best to demonstrate their sexuality. Even when parents try to discourage such demonstration, teenage girls find a way. How many of you adult women as teenagers snuck changes of clothes out of the house to change to wear something deemed inappropriate by your parent prior to going to school? Yes you did, do not lie!

Now, technology and the demands of working parents attention elsewhere have provided a bigger issue of concern. We have all given our children the Internet and cell phones. For what? How do you think they are being used? Even though you think you are keeping tabs on your child’s conduct with these things, they are doing as they please most the time right in front of you. Your children are using the Internet and their cell phones to sexually exploit themselves, world-wide. And, many do so without regard to their futures or their safety in the present.

Parents, surprise yourself. Go to your child’s computer and/or cell phone, unannounced. Search for images on both and see what you find, maybe you will get lucky and find nothing. Then check their text chat history, see how lucky you get there. If your child has a username and password to any site or blocking your access to their cell phone, you are screwed because they are doing anything they want to do without any supervision or guidance from you. Just think, your child could very well be sexting all over town and you gave them the device to do it. Peer influence has caused more young people to do stupid things than parental influence has ever prevented.

Children have rights! Bull! As a child you have the right to enjoy life with your parents being involved in every little thing you do, everything. This includes your Internet, your cell phone, the clothes you wear, and the friends you keep. Get over it, that is the parents job. You will have plenty of time to destroy your life after you turn eighteen . . . 

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