Mom burns 2-year-old daughter in barrel |


When you have children, you are supposed to take care of them . . .

Mom burns 2-year-old daughter in barrel |

Our subject story/Nancy Grace Video tells us of a lady that burned her deceased two year old daughters body in a 55 gallon drum. She claims the daughter died because she fell and hit her head on a heater. Later she approaches a Police Officer telling him she has done a bad thing. She said she freaked out when it happened thinking they would take her other children away.

Now, I could rant all day long about how parents are supposed to care for their children and protect them from harm, but let’s think about this lady for a moment . . .

She already has children older than the child noted in the subject story. I believe she has five other children. So, she has been raising children without incident so far as we know for a number of years.  We know how hard it is to keep a two year old child under control. Thus, we can accept the possibility that the woman is telling the truth of how the baby died. It is possible that the child was running around playing, tripped, hit the heater with her head and died. It is a possibility.

Playing the “devils advocate” in this situation can you see the possibility that this woman’s entire story truthful?

Assuming this woman is telling the truth of how the baby died. Assuming this woman telling the truth of her fear her other children would be taken from her. Can you imagine the fear this woman must feel about authorities in the United States. Her baby has just died and she has such fear that she is afraid to contact authorities for fear they will take all her other children away from her for what amounts to a household accident resulting in the death of her child. And, she is so afraid that she finds it necessary to destroy all the evidence by incinerating the child’s body in a 55 gallon barrel.

Believe it or not, I see there is a possibility this woman is telling the truth. And, in the aftermath of it all, I can see  the possibility of her feelings of guilt requiring she tell authorities what she did.  I think this a terrible situation for a number of reasons. Both the most serious problem is her fear of reprisal from authorities from the onset of the incident. Mothers for the most part love their babies. Can you imagine the feelings, the pain, the heartbreak this woman felt as she watched her little girl burn up in a 55 gallon barrel?

And, can you imagine every day for the rest of her life, the guilt that this woman must live with . . . 

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