I Find Myself Without Desire To Write Part #2 of Many

What started out as my saying that the world today is so troubling that the thing most easy to write about is the horrors discovered in everyday news, which I found depressing enough to impact my desire to write. This created a group of topics I believe to be of utmost concern to many of us. Thus, the reasons impacting my desire to write, have become my need to write.

This is Part #2 of this series and today’s topic is the financial distress of America and how to make change to survive the failures of our own government to protect us from such failures . . .

Since probably about 1980, I have been very vocal about the legalization of drugs in America. Not because I am in support of people doing drugs, but because of the impact criminalization of drugs has created to our Country. Criminalization of drugs has taken a heavy toll on the American People and the finances of America. Here are a few examples:

  • Criminalization has incarcerated scores of our young for non-violent drug use. Young men and women that grew up in the drug frenzy of America that should have been offered treatment or other options rather than imprisonment leading to a life of crime, instead were forced into incarceration based upon a political structure that chose to lie to the American People rather than represent the American People.
  • Criminalization allowed the creation of an underworld empire that distributed billions upon billions of dollars in drugs, making the criminal rich and endangered the American People, American Law Enforcement, and costs for failed drug prevention that is almost as costly as our welfare system. Our Politicians chose to continue this waste of tax dollars for over thirty years rather than seek alternative action to make change.
  • The costs relative to judicial process for drug offenses have been exorbitant both in monetary amount and use of resources necessary. Just think of the time and expense realized when arresting a drug user through to incarceration. Local resources like jails, Courts, and Social Services have been impacted severely.
  • Criminalization cost the lives of many Americans when such loss of life was not necessary. This is not loss of life to drug users due to drugs but to people and Law Enforcement efforts relative to drug laws. Prohibition created an ability for victimization of drug users by numerous segments of our society. It also allowed the sale of substances not what they were claimed to be resulting in adverse result. Illegal drug trafficking across American borders has been responsible for some sixty or more thousand deaths during the past eight years.
  • Over thirty years ago a group of politicians made a decision for America to “never” allow the legalization of drugs in America. This decision was made by politicians, not by representation of the American People. During the past thirty or so years our government has intentionally lied to on the topic of drugs in support of this decision instead of doing their job in providing American the relative information and the right of representation of our voices.

My point being that criminalization of drugs has created it’s own monster for the American people.  The most troubling issue involved in the past thirty or so years is the fact that even though efforts to prevent drug use were identified as absolute failures, our politicians chose to continue such efforts rather than try alternative efforts that may have long ago saved us billions upon billions of dollars. There are a few major complications in the legalization of drugs.

  • If such legalization turns out to be a bad thing, no politician wants to be associated with such legalization.
  • As with all that is political, there are those that oppose such legalization for fear of competition for the consumers dollars.
  • Even the American Consumer does not want to take the risks relative to drug legalization.

But, there are direct and immediate benefits to drug legalization. Were someone I knew or a relative killed along the U.S./Mexico borders that could in any way be linked to the violence by the Mexican Drug Cartels, I would most certainly bring suit against the U.S. Government for negligence as this violence could have been stopped long before now. Were I to suddenly find myself a victim of a drug related violence issue as an innocent bystander here in the U.S., I again would bring suit against the U.S. Government for their negligence in allowing the violence to continue. Here are a few of the benefits to drug legalization. I need emphasize this: I DO NOT PROPOSE PARTIAL DRUG LEGALIZATION, I actually mean all drugs legalization. Benefits:

  • The strongest reason to support legalization is taxation.  The United States needs a new industry to tax to support the Government. Drugs are a multi-billion dollar industry. Illegal drug trafficking does nothing but make criminals rich while not paying a cent in taxation for their gains.
  • It takes a lot of people to distribute drugs. There are a whole bunch of tax paying jobs that drug legalization would create. In theory, there would not be a single unemployed person in the United States were drugs legalized.
  • If drugs were to be legalized tomorrow, an entire criminal industry would collapse, immediately.
  • If drugs were to be legalized tomorrow, instead of our criminal justice system destroying lives further, our Health Care system would treat people as necessary.
  • If drugs were legalized tomorrow, the  violence associated with drugs would immediately cease.

But, this is one of those, “In for a penny, in for a pound” situations. In order for it to work, you have to either take it all or lose. One of the most important considerations for legalization of drugs is the taking control of drugs from the criminal. Only by taking this away from criminals can we eliminate the tax dollars directed to the “war on drugs” which is significant. This will likely become a problem due to politicians that reap benefits derived from the war on drugs. The other issue is the reality that laws claimed to benefit the U.S. Citizen are frauds. There is no such thing. Laws become laws when someone figures out how to capitalize on the law created. Then the law is sold to the public as necessary to protect the citizens.

The abundant taxes realized solely by the U.S. Government legalization of drugs and drugs be sold by small business would instantly make America financially strong again. Our Government services would continue. We would be able to afford our Emergency Services. Health Care would handle drug related issues creating a boom to that industry, and every small business that could be created relative to the growing, manufacture, distribution, and resale of drugs would create jobs and tax revenue for the Country.

Truth be told, we should have done this thirty or forty years ago. The facts are we are not smart enough to cause it to happen though. We likely will allow the status quo to rule us all the way into “Bankrupt America” just because we fear change.

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