Children blackmailed into sex acts online


Is your little one being used by someone on line?

Children blackmailed into sex acts online

The subject story/video tells us of children world-wide that have become victims of adults blackmailing them for sexual exploitation. What starts out as what the child believes is a chat with another child becomes an altogether different story as the child is later used by adults to perform sexual content for them on line.

Folks, there are people out in the world to which our children are nothing but toys for their abuses. The Internet is a wonderful place, open to the imagination of us all. But, there are dangers too. Children are victims before they know they are, and do not see a way out when trapped. If you have children, chances are your child will end up in a situation similar to this. The only defense is the recognition that such an event is possible and what you plan to do about it.

Think about it for a minute. What would you want to happen if your child became victim to such a situation? You would want them to come to you, wouldn’t you? Then you need to tell them that regardless how bad it seems to them, regardless how angry they believe you will become, that you want them to come to you so that you can help them and protect them from the dangers they are confronted with.

In the subject video it shows part of the text messaging between a predator and a child.

“Thanks for making me want to kill myself.”

I do not know about you, but I want children to know that there is nothing so terrible that they can do that they should even consider suicide. You want your child to get mad enough to come to you so that the predator can be caught committing his crime. And frankly, your child will have numerous opportunity to embarrass themselves during their lives, teach them humility not suicide. Kids are vulnerable to aggressive acts against them all day long. But, these predators do their dirty work by deceiving the children by pretending to be children themselves. Let your children know the best defense in such situation is to come to you, and you in turn to authorities.

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