Deputy sold pot from squad car, feds say –


Of all the stupid damn offensive things to do . . .

Deputy sold pot from squad car, feds say –

There is a line drawn when you pin on a badge. Thou shalt not openly violate the provisions of the State Penal Code while in uniform. Now, most of us would prefer that you didn’t do so out of uniform either. But, our subject story tells us of a dumbass hick with a badge that even claimed he was “above the law” selling pot from his patrol unit.

Now, I am very outspoken about my opinions of legalization of drugs. However, my intent is that the drugs are sold and taxed as a resale product, not sold from the back of patrol cars as an alternative tax-free income. What’s next? Tax-free cigarettes?

But, seriously folks . . . Were we to legalize dope, this situation would not ever be a problem. Drugs would not be in the control of criminals. Drug addiction would be a health issue, not a crime concern. The violence associated with drugs would cease. And, Uncle Sam would have “cash flow” to work with instead of plotting a unplanned vacation.

Call me stupid if you like. But, I for one am damn tired of our Country going broke while some asshole down Mexico way is getting richer by the minute while we spend a kings fortune trying to stop him. The only way to win the war on drugs is take control of the drugs.

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