Krokodil: Flesh-killing drug used in U.S.


This is some serious stuff!

Krokodil: Flesh-killing drug used in U.S.

A “street drug” that gives a “heroin high” while eating your skin away from the inside . . . You cannot really need a high that bad.

The subject story tells us of a “street drug” developed by the Russians that has made its way across the pond to us. This isn’t a street drug. This is chemical warfare!

And, another reason for our Government to legalize and take control of drugs. We do not need to have the criminal element introducing our society to such crap as “krokodil” for any reason. There have been five known cases of use of this drug in the U.S. this year, non prior to this year.

Why would you be so stupid? Why would you even consider a drug like krokodil? Who cares if it give a heroin high. The impurities in this stuff is what kills your skin. I’m sorry, but if you are stupid enough to do this stuff you are beyond salvation. Seriously, you deserve “dead” if you mess with this shit.

Please . . . If you are this far into the need for a high, get some damn help. Call someone, call a Doctor, call your Mother, but call somebody that will change your mind. Check out the video of this story. This stuff is so new the Doctors have not even heard of it. Look at what it does to people that use it.

If you are dealing this shit, STOP!  Do not distribute this stuff anywhere. If you are “home brewing,” STOP! Just all of this STOP! You are supposed to be smart enough not to do stuff like this, all of you. What the hell are you going to tell your Momma when she spots the holes in your body? DO NOT DO IT!

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