Man punches store clerk over 41 cents


Somebody tell this dude that he is a punk!

Man punches store clerk over 41 cents

Our subject story/video shows us how a full grown man can become a punk in less than a minute. Look at this guy. He is not a youngster. He is a “full grown” man. He appears to be as normal as the next guy. No, actually he appears better than most around him in this video. So, why is this punk “punching” a little girl?

The storyline tells us that the guy did not like the price of the cigar he was trying to purchase. And for the amount of forty-one cents, he turned into a violent abusive idiot. If you watch the video you will see how fast the five or so men behind him rushed to the girls aid and tackled the guy . . . They did nothing! What a bunch of losers. I hope your sister, mother, aunt, or grandmother gets the same response from people when she is victim of such assault. Seriously, the good Lord wasted testicles on the lot of you. This guy straight up punches this girl in the face, and not a one of these pussies says a thing. Nobody makes a move on the guy, or even bothers to look for his license plate as he leaves the place. I’ll bet a couple of these guys strut the neighborhood acting like “tough guys” in their spare time. Don’t worry pussies, it is captured on video for all to see. LOSERS!

Somebody knows the guy that punched the girl. Please tell this idiot that he is a friggin punk. Seriously, look this big healthy honest man straight in the eye and tell him he is nothing but a punk. Tell him how brave he must be to beat on a little girl.

If you know him and can look at him as a man after watching this video, you might be better than I at recognizing men. Because all I see is a full grown punk. He is probably a racist also, so he has rated real high on my popularity list ( NOT! ). How much you think he is gonna brag about punching the girl. Hope he resists when they come to get him.

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