This 1960s car sold for how much?!


Man, do I wish I was witness to this . . .

This 1960s car sold for how much?!

From what I gather from the subject video . . .

A gent living in the Country was a Car Salesman way back in the 1960’s and when the new cars would come in for the next year, he just pulled the current years inventory from the sales lot and put them in storage. What this means is this guy put brand new cars from the 1960’s and prior years in storage. HOW COOL!

This guy had cars that had 1 mile on the odometer, all original, and some still had plastic covering the seats.

Anyway, this guy auctions the cars off. People traveled from all corners of the Country to participate in the auction. Some went home with a brand new 1958 or later automobile. A Chevy Impala that sold for a little over 2k back in the 1960’s sold for 75k. A 1958 Pickup sold for 140k.

I just think it a really cool event. How many people knew this guy had these cars? Imagine sitting in a car older than you are with 12 miles on the odometer. Folks, we are talking about a “brand new” sixty year old car here! Not a remodeled, rebuilt, rejuvenated, restored, or redone classic, but a never before been used automobile that is older than me. And, I am old!

Man, what I would have done just to sit in one of them. I wonder . . . Since they were brand new, not yet even broke in . . . Would it be necessary to start the cars every so often? Or, did he just get them up and running at the time of the auction?

Man, I wish I could have been there.

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