Four cops strip woman naked


This is one of the most disturbing cases of abuse by Law Enforcement I have ever heard of. . .

Four cops strip woman naked

I do not care  from which angle you observe this from, there is absolutely no justification for the actions taken by Officers . . .

Our subject video tells us of a young lady that found herself in a bit of trouble after the local Law Enforcement caught her driving while under the influence recently. She was arrested and taken into custody at the local Jail. But, her biggest issue was not the drunk driving. Her biggest issue was the attack by Law Enforcement Officers inside the jail.

I observed the subject video not less than 20 times. During her search by a female officer she raises her foot off the floor and is immediately pounced upon by three male officers and the female officer, drug into a cell, and subjected to having her clothes ripped from her body, leaving her completely naked shaking with fear with a blanket wrapped around her in the corner of the cell.

If you watch closely, you will note the female officer runs her hands down the woman’s leg and then it appears as though the officer has tugged on the woman’s leg as though wanting the woman to show the bottom of her foot to the officer, which is a common search in a Correctional environment. Many a drug has been smuggled into a jail or prison by tape to the bottom of the foot, in the belief that the officer will not ask to see the bottom of the foot. You will also note that the woman did not make an aggressive kick with her foot, but simply raised her foot as though showing the bottom of her foot to the officer.

I have been party to many searches in a Correctional setting. It is entirely legal and justified for a Correctional Facility to require a full body search upon intake of an arrestee. This includes body cavity searches of both men and women, and the law does not require same gender searches in most facilities, although many facilities do provide same gender searching as a matter of policy.

Where this situation went wrong, is the officer’s attack on the woman. She did not make an aggressive or threatening move to the officers. In fact, the woman was cooperative throughout the entire arrest procedure until she was attacked. The violence inflicted by officers to this woman will likely leave her in fear of Law Enforcement for the rest of her life. And trust me, that woman is somebody’s sister, wife, girlfriend, aunt, best friend, or other relation of significance. After they see the film of how she was treated, how do you think others will think of the officers involved?

I also find it interesting that so many officers just happened to have nothing better to do than be right there for this woman’s search.  Four Officer’s for one non-aggressive arrestee? Seems a little odd to me . . . In my opinion, four officers disgraced their badge because they are “dick-heads” instead of doing the job they are paid to do.

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