Guns, drugs, hitmen available on web


Everyday, additional reason for legalization of drugs . . .

Guns, drugs, hitmen available on web

Okay, I am going to make this brief. The subject story discusses the growing ability to buy almost anything over the Internet. Drugs, weapons, and hitmen are just a few. And, the story is “spot-on” with its contention that such can easily be purchased with very little ability for the governments to control.

But, my concern is based on taxation, the financial wealth of the U.S., and the fact that non-violent drug offenders are incarcerated instead of treated. Legalization of drugs creates jobs, taxation, and treatment programs which in turn create jobs, taxation, and opens a new era for the medical industries.

At a time when this Country needs a new source for tax revenue, more jobs, and continued growth it is ridiculous that we allow the criminal element to continue control of a multi-billion dollar market that further costs the Country billions per year in tax dollars in effort to stop the market. Add the fact that billions of dollars in drugs resale are not creating tax revenue and it makes you wonder if our government is too blind to see the money falling from the trees that would be better used in our tax revenue than in a criminals bank account.

The last consideration is violence. Were drugs legalized today, by the end of the day drug related violence would be gone.

People have concerns that legalization would lead to higher addiction numbers. So what! We need a “culling” of the heard anyway. And, history has proven that prohibition leads to addiction just as easily. Just like smoking used to be “cool” legalization of drugs will lessen the “cool” of drug usage over time. More young people try drugs solely due to the prohibition making doing so “cool.”

Now, while all you Federal Government personnel are doing what you do best regardless of furlough, you should be giving this matter considerable thought as many of you will likely find yourselves unemployed next term anyway and you should do something to help your Country before that time. We the People would like you to listen to us instead of your own agenda for a minute and get this Country back on its feet. We want jobs, Industry, Business Growth, and Tax Revenue that will stop this ongoing landslide of failure we are falling victim to. And, it is your job to get it done.

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