Twelve-year-old girl arrested for bullying |


If the School and the parents cannot resolve bullying . . . Can Law Enforcement?

Twelve-year-old girl arrested for bullying |

Our subject story tells us of a 12 year old girl harassing a 13 year old girl to the degree of bullying. The parents complain to the school who apparently  does not resolve the matter. When the young lady makes comment suggesting suicide due to the bullying her parents go to the cops.

The Police then arrest the 12 year old girl for bullying . . .

Now some see this as a “bad” thing, others as a “necessary” thing, but I see this as the “right” thing. If my child were to be troubled so deeply by the acts of another that suicide was even a remote consideration, either the police or myself would be required to seek remedy. But, didn’t we miss a step in this process?

What of the 12 year old girls parents? Did the school or anybody else bring the accusation of the girls bullying to her parents? If so, did the parents tell her to knock her crap off and quit bullying others? If the parents of the accused girl had been brought into the loop but failed to correct their child’s conduct, then the next logical step would be the involvement of Law Enforcement.

There is far too much bullying going on with children today. And, far too many bully’s getting away with abusing others. The news seems filled with children pushed to suicide because of the constant harassment of a bully.

But, I wonder . . . Is bullying the problem? Or, is failure of our teaching our children respect for others and the difference between right and wrong the problem? In case you have not noticed, a whole bunch of youngsters today have little respect for anyone or anything. This is our fault as parents, as school teachers, as civic leaders, as religious leaders, and as government. We have allowed such conduct to become acceptable conduct by the youngsters.

I offer this comment to those that bully; Anybody can be a bully . . . But, it only takes one person with “heart” to stop a bully.

To those victim of a bully; If you have reached the point of considering suicide to escape the bully, talk to someone like a parent, teacher, or even a cop. DO NOT even consider suicide as an option for resolution of the matter, it does not resolve the bully who will only find another victim. For the best result, suck it up, get help, and stop the bully. Believe me, there will be lots of opportunity in your future for your having to face ridicule, embarrassment, and bullies, learn how to get it stopped, not how to hurt yourself.

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