Utah woman asks husband to shoot man ‘telepathically raping’ her | www.ktvu.com


There are some stories that just have to be retold . . .

Utah woman asks husband to shoot man ‘telepathically raping’ her | www.ktvu.com

Our subject story tells us of some folks that believe their next door neighbor had “telepathic” powers and was using his powers to harass them and even used them to telepathically rape the woman. So the woman told her husband to shoot the neighbor and he did.

Now, if I were to have telepathic skills that allowed me to harass folks and telepathically rape women . . . Would I use my telepathic penis on an old ugly fat broad like her? I do not mean to be so harsh in my comments, but damn this woman is ugly. I doubt my telepathic penis would be able to stay erect even in the dark with this broad. I am sorry, I know my conduct wrong in this matter. But, how could anyone come up with such stupidity and then use it to try to kill a man?

Were I to have such power I would surely be harassing some less than honorable politician to his wits end. If I were to be able to commit telepathic rape, I surely would also have the ability to telepathically make love. Women would be throwing their lazy neglectful husbands and/or boyfriends clothes out the front door inviting them to seek the affections of some other woman as they were too busy for them. Of course, I would use my powers for good, never for evil . . .

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