Video raises police brutality questions


Cops: No Longer Peace Officers . . .

Video raises police brutality questions

You know, when I was a youngster I actually was picked up and thrown across the room by a Police Chief. But, I deserved it. Not only was I a mouthy little smartass, but the Chief was also a close friend of the family. He was trying to help me out of a bind I had gotten myself into, and instead of doing what I should have I told him to “fuck off.” He picked my little ass up and tossed me half way across the room followed by meeting me there as I landed to get right in my face and tell me “never speak to me that way again.”

I need point out that I was a teenager at the time, around 15 to 17 years old. If this were to happen today, I would own the City. But, close to 45 years ago the acts by the Police Chief were for the most part acceptable. Even my parents agreed with the acts of the Chief.

Our subject story tells us of a youngster that gets kicked out of a casino for being under age. As is the case with most casinos, the Cops have been called and on the way. Well they approach the youngster and all goes well while the issue is discussed with him. But, when they are done and the youngster is allowed to walk away, the youngster starts running his mouth talking crap to the cops. He got his ass whipped, “big time.”

One of the failures of our society is we have found it acceptable to run our mouths like “billy bad ass” to anyone we choose to as though we have nothing to fear because the law lets us talk shit and anyone that does anything about it can be sent to jail for doing so. You know what? Failure to respect others by running your mouth is bullshit. If you would not talk that way to a person were you and he alone without witnesses, then you should not talk that way.

The facts are, we have created a whole bunch of youngsters that fail to be respectful to most anybody, do not know when to shut up, and believe the world has to put up with their shit. And, it is wrong. DO NOT allow your alligator mouth to outweigh your canary ass, because unless you have a lot of skill and a lot of heart someday somebody is going to show you that they do not appreciate your trying to punk them.

Now, I do not agree that the amount of abuse the officer’s subjected this youngster to was appropriate, but I believe the situation the fault of the youngster. A professional police officer would have just laughed the kid off and gone about his business. But, factor in that believe it or not, cops are people too. All the youngster needed to do was go on about his business with his mouth shut, he had already been released without incident. He chose to run his mouth. That was his choice. And, when a 20 year old man makes a choice to act out, he needs to understand that he better be prepared for the response he creates. The world is becoming less and less tolerant of folks talking shit with each passing day. And, it should have many of you shaking in your boots.

I know a 19 year old girl that is a venomous little brat towards people.  Every single day, I worry about her. She is one of those that believes she can say anything to anyone without fear, because they cannot touch her. If they do she will call the cops. I try to explain to her that she will eventually find herself hurt long before the cops arrive, but she is not concerned.

We believe we are protected by the fear others have of being placed in jail. The truth is, there comes a point when even the most law abiding man no longer has that fear. A point where you have pushed the right buttons to make it more acceptable to smash your face in, then conform to the law. You can be hurt, and hurt badly. Wouldn’t it be easier and more beneficial for you and others were you to learn how to be respectful and talk properly to others?

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