Girl lured into prostitution via Facebook


This cannot happen to me . . .

Girl lured into prostitution via Facebook

If I hear one more teenage girl claim to be smarter than the average sexual scam artist, I think I will simply puke!

Our subject story tells us of another situation in which a young lady finds herself victim to sexual exploitation by others met through the Internet. In this case a young lady befriends a few folks via Facebook later meeting them in person only to end up being a prostitute.

Women, young and old, you are potential targets for just about anything wrong that can befall a person. Trusting anyone, anyone at all is your first mistake . . . Okay so I am being a little alarmist, but do you realize that the female gender literally is targeted by all sorts of evils, every day, all day?

I would have difficulty being a woman. Think about it. Not only do they have to worry about being victims of strangers, but can they trust anybody?

Can they trust family? Every day more news of a family member taking sexual advantage of a family member.

Can they trust male friends? Yeah, right.

Can they trust female friends? Sure thing.

Can they trust fellow students or coworkers? Are you stupid?

Can they trust their employer? Oh yeah, trust your boss.

Can they trust the Police? Only if you are into body searches repeatedly.

Really, I am not trying to make light of a serious topic. My sarcasm may not be as visible as I intend. Women, if you have even the slightest feminisms noticeable to the wandering eye, you have the potential for being a victim of just about anyone and everyone you know, don’t know, and even those you will never know. Why? Because men think with their penis and the moment you catch their attention, you become their target.

You would think that women would be safe with other women, not true. Women are vile disgusting creatures towards one-another. If your best friend cannot destroy your relationship and sleep with your man, they will find a way to destroy you and cause your victimization.

I am dead serious. How do you women survive the abuses planned for you every minute of your day?

Now that I have brought your attention to the risks of being female, answer me a question. Why are you so damn stupid that you allow yourself to be tricked into sexual exploitation by others? Why? Nope, I would not make a very good woman at all . . .

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