See clerk foil robbery with a machete


Balls of steel . . . Or, brain of mush?

See clerk foil robbery with a machete

Our subject story tells us of a Store Clerk that is doing his regular thing at the store when a guy comes in with a gun trying to rob the place. The Clerk instead of just giving up the cash, pulls a machete out from under the counter and takes the role of aggressor chasing the bad guy from the store, across the parking lot and into the woods.

They say sometimes the best defense is a good offense and this gents actions seem to support that theory. My own experiences support such also. In a number of situations where I found myself in a less than favorable situation I found immediately taking aggressive action actually provided the resolution to the issue. But, it does not always work to your advantage, as I can also attest to.

One thing for sure, inaction leaves you in the role of victim. I do not do the “victim” very well, because I am an idiot. My temperament usually makes the choice that a reasonable head would have declined, and it has put me in situations in which I placed both myself and others in danger. Luck, not skill or qualification, is the only reason I won out in these types of situations.

Unless you wear a funny set of “tights” with a big red “S” on the front, you can be hurt very seriously by not just giving up the money. Sure, folks may talk well of your ridiculous exploits for a short while, but they will talk about your death much the same. And, if your exploits cause the death or serious injury to someone else you will be talked about in a much less favorable light.

Do Not believe that you can always win by jumping to action against a superior adversary. More often than not, a knife or machete does not win against a gun. Usually, the machete losses quite quickly to the gun. Pretty much as quickly as the trigger pulled. This Store Clerk was VERY lucky. Not everyone gets that kind of luck. Think before you act. And if you act, having a “rabbits foot,” a “Saint Christopher’s Medal” around your neck, or a “four leaf clover” pinned to your pocket probably will not outweigh the possible need for a “rosary” later . . . 

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