Seal gives shark the slip in great white photo –


Sometimes you are the Hunter, others you are the Prey . . .

Seal gives shark the slip in great white photo –

Our subject story tells us of a gent that photographs Great White Sharks quite often. He caught a shot at a seal that got lucky right at the jaws of Jaws. The story goes on to say that the lucky seal with a twist and a wiggle escaped his expected demise and left the shark seeking another source for dinner. One damn lucky seal.

When you figure that Great Whites are “masters” at hunting seals, any seal that escapes by balancing upon the snout of the shark should definitely receive immediate notoriety.  But, how do we identify that seal. I mean, the pretty much all look the same, hang out in the same type of neighborhoods, and none of them carry identification . . . How do we pronounce a certain seal as “Lucky?”

We do not have to. You know all the other seals saw it happen and they all are talking about it at the local pub. Can you imagine this seal talking to the ladies later? My Lord, maybe I have been working far too many hours on my day job. I think I be needing soma sleep . . .

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