Father Hears Kidnapped Daughter’s Voice After 3 Years – Video – TIME.com


What would you do in this situation . . .

Father Hears Kidnapped Daughter’s Voice After 3 Years – Video – TIME.com

The subject story tells us of a young girl that was picked up by her maternal mother three years ago, and disappeared. Over the course of the three years the father and his wife tried to get the help of police to find the young girl and was told it was a “civil” matter and the police could not help.

Could you imagine the frustration felt when there was no help in finding his daughter? The father’s wife took matters into her own hands and actually went to a local Judge’s home a couple times demanding he help find the daughter. Although not a recommended method for seeking help, it worked and a warrant was issued for the mother of the young girl. She was found and the daughter recovered in a matter of a couple months!

Something about this just sucks. Do you mean to say that for three years these folks went without the help that would have resolved the issue in a few months. There is something really wrong in this situation.

Most of you do not know I used to work for a Private Investigation agency. I believe that we would have tracked the mother by financial records to ascertain her whereabouts and then contact the local police ( with custody papers from the Court in hand ) for retrieval of the daughter. But, the rules of the game may have changed by now. Forty years ago, it may have been okay to just grab the kid and run ( NOT REALLY ). It just seems ridiculous that it took three years and the step-mother banging on a judge’s door to get the necessary help to resolve this problem.

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