New Type of Meth Found at Texas Middle School |


This is interesting . . . Why?

New Type of Meth Found at Texas Middle School |

Our subject video tells us about a new type of Meth . . . But, really does not tell us anything about the drug.

The information provided tells us that a group of eighth grade girls we caught with this new meth which is a liquid on paper wrapped in aluminum foil. A student in the video says the girls took the stuff then started “freaking out.” But, this leaves far too many questions in my mind to find this a realistic report.

Do you mean to tell me that the first discovery of this drug is at one middle school with only girls involved? The description: “bits of paper soaked in liquid methamphetamine and wrapped in tin  foil,” is not a very good description. It sounds as though they were looking at “micro-dot LSD” from the 70’s. How are you supposed to keep an eye on what your children are doing if the media fails to tell you about things such as this?

For me, this is an interesting story. Why? Because, six girls from the same school, same grade, had the same drug in their possession at the same time. Apparently they also took the drug at the same time. This leads me to think about how this could happen. Could it be that they do not have a new drug so much as they have an amateur chemist probably a student at that school, that is familiar to all of the girls. Or, one of the girls “older”  brothers is in a higher grade or college studying Chemistry that is toying with making a “designer” drug. But, this all seems too confined, too coincidental, and too lacking in information for me.

People that make and distribute illegal drugs do not hand out their new drug to eighth grade school girls to sample. Sure maybe after the drug has a market it may find it’s way to there, but not in the beginning. What kind of idiot would hand a group of kids from the same grade, same school  a handful of drugs to try out? Either someone with intent to poison the kids, or a kid that they go to school with. And, why did the girls start freaking out when using the drug? Was the drug much stronger than traditional meth? Why was the drug still wet?

I would be interested in additional information on this topic because there are far too many questions unanswered in this story.

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