Blind man beaten in broad daylight


"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to stand by and do nothing."

Blind man beaten in broad daylight

This story is a few days old, but requires my making comment prior to my clearing it from my desktop. The subject story/video tells us of a young man that finds it acceptable to beat the hell out of a blind man on a city street, and the wonderful people observing the assault did absolutely nothing about it.

The video actually discusses three incidents in which people stood by and did nothing while others were harmed.

This disgusts me. Have we become a society of “talkers,” not “doers?” Is everyone so afraid of their own shadow that they can’t find heart enough to stand up against wrong? Has it not yet occurred to anyone, that if you continue to allow it to happen while doing nothing, eventually it will happen to you? When assholes like the guy that beat the blind man believe they can do whatever they want in front of everyone else and get away with it, they will do just that. They will run rough-shod right over people daring anyone to say or do anything and get more violent and offensive with every act they commit.

It is necessary that everyone realize that standing by and allowing a wrong to occur while doing nothing, makes you just as guilty of the wrong as the person that committed it. By doing nothing you have conspired with the “wrong-doer” to allow him commit the wrong. Nobody says you have to risk your own safety to take action. Calling the Police, being a good witness, or even calling for an ambulance is action. In this situation, someone that was not blind could have just told the guy to leave the blind man alone and it may have stopped the situation. How brave do you  think a man that beats a blind man is?

Folks, do not just stand by and allow stuff to happen to the people in your neighborhood. That is how you lose your streets to criminals. That is how you become victims without realizing you are a victim. And, stop being afraid to help one-another. If enough of us take a stand, we can prevail. Or, at least die with dignity . . .

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