Woman alleges police brutality



Woman alleges police brutality

Our subject story tells us of a near fifty year old, one hundred ten pound woman that runs into a little trouble with the law. She ends up being arrested for Driving Under The Influence and taken to jail. The video shows her brought to the jail cell doorway and then the Officer pushes her into the cell with such force that she appears to nearly pass out after hitting “face plant” into the concrete bunk within the cell.

If the facts evident in the video are true, there is at least one Cop that is a real dickhead and has absolutely no reason for wearing a badge. There is never any excuse for an Officer to cause such injury to an inmate/arrestee. There is no noted failure of compliance by the woman. Even had she of been non-compliant, the violence exhibited by the Officer is unacceptable.

I do not know what makes some officer’s believe that they are conducting themselves properly by committing acts of unnecessary aggression against suspects. There is no reason or justification for it . . .

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