Police chief: 64 Cleveland officers broke rules in shooting – CNN.com


Behind The Badge . . .

Police chief: 64 Cleveland officers broke rules in shooting – CNN.com

Until you wear a badge, you just cannot understand what it is truly like . . . Our subject story tells us of an unfortunate incident back in 2012 that left two people dead and a whole police department worried about who did what and why. This was an unfortunate incident that was handled poorly and subsequently turned a bad situation into an even worse situation. The end result is 74 of 277 officers on duty at the time of the incident are subject to disciplinary action.

But, speaking as a “realist” in regards to Law Enforcement, if you have never worked behind a badge you have not a clue what the job entails. Cops do not report to work each day planning to have to shoot or kill someone. They do not get dressed each day with intent to commit questionable acts leading to the harm of citizens. They report each day with the intent that they are going to do “good” for the community they serve and at the end of their shift go home to their loved ones feeling like they have done their job and done it well.

Well the truth be told, cops are human. They feel all the emotions, respond to stress, and make mistakes just like all the rest of us. And, when you take a major city filled with “dirt bags” and “assholes” that are in your face from the beginning of your shift until you clock out for the day, it is easy for the wrong things to happen.

Think of it this way . . . When you last got arrested or got approached by a cop for a possible wrong-doing committed by you, did you

  • Argue, lie, or run?
  • Resist or fight the officer?
  • Or did you admit to what you did and cooperate with the officers action whether it be citation or arrest?

I do not care what you did. My point is how much crap did the officer have to put up with to do his job because of you? Now multiply how you acted by about 16 because a cop in a major city probably has to deal with a minimum of at least 2 “assholes” per hour. ( You know, I really need to watch my language. And I would, were there a better descriptive in my vocabulary. ) By the end of the average officer’s shift he has probably had to wrestle, chase, and defend himself at least once that he knew about, and numerous times that he had no idea he was in jeopardy. Let it suffice to say, most days are pretty intense for most officers. Couple the preceding with the officer probably having to witness the evils that man does to each other on a daily basis and most cops end their shift lucky to end their shift.

Now add the public that is constantly trying to mess with you in one way or another and an Administration that will use you as their “fall” guy anytime they feel like it, and you wonder why anyone would be stupid enough to wear a badge in the first place. I seriously believe that anyone stupid enough to wear a badge today has to be stupid enough to believe they can make a difference or do something like save the life of someone that would actually appreciate it. Sorry Officer, you do not stand a chance at doing anything but making it through your day. Why? Because we the citizen’s of your community do not give a “rat’s ass” about anything you do, unless we can find fault with it.

The first thing you have to understand as a citizen is there is no such thing as a law to protect the public. Laws that claim to be such are made when somebody figures out how to make financial gain from the law being made.

The second thing you need understand is he who has the money gets away with the crime. If you want to get away with a crime you need to have enough money to hire the Attorney that can get you out of the crimes you get charged with.

The third thing necessary to recognize, is the Courts are full of people full of themselves that believe they hold the power over good and evil. The don’t. Most often the Court screws the public to fleece their pockets either to fill the County coffers or demonstrate numbers that say they are doing something wonderful from the bench.

The last thing you need recognize is most of us could not walk down the street in many neighborhoods without the cops trying to do the job they do. Even those of us stupid enough to attempt doing so would likely not live to pass from one block to the next. Today, being a cop sucks. It is not a job. It is not an adventure. It is  nothing more than being stupid enough to play “risk” with your life, hoping to make it home without someone turning your day to “shit” because we the “public” have allowed it to become this way.

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