Mother of girl accused of bullying teen arrested on unrelated charges –


Our society sucks more and more each day . . .

Mother of girl accused of bullying teen arrested on unrelated charges –

As you read the subject story, think about how so many people could conspire with so little provocation to bring harm to another. Our subject story tells us of a woman, a mother, to a young girl recently arrested for bullying another young girl leading to the bullied girl’s suicide, that gets into trouble all her own for beating some boys and posting her 15 minutes of fame to the Internet.

If you have not yet read the subject story, please do so then return here and finish this article.

Having read the subject story, does it not make you believe that our society is suffering a state of degradation becoming less and less human with each passing day? And, the ease of which parents teach their children to act inappropriately is crazy. Whatever happened to parents teaching their children the difference between right and wrong. Actually parents still teach the difference between right and wrong. They just teach them that wrong is acceptable and how to not take responsibility for their actions. The subject story also demonstrates how little parental responsibility plays a role in children’s lives today.

What is most alarming is how it appears that our society which not so long ago was compassionate and caring has become almost the direct opposite. It is as though a “black heart” has taken control of our populace causing people to care less and less about their fellow man. Violence has become almost an expectation of our daily lives and people seem less happy with their lives than they previously were.

It is almost like everybody has become frustrated by what little their future offers them, and is pissed off about it enough to not give a damn about anyone else. The older generations that worked so hard to build their lives have felt how easily all of it can be lost and the younger generations seeing it also, have decided that they do not want to work hard for anything.

Parents today have become negligent in supervision of their children. When a child does wrong today’s parent does not even consider the child did a wrong, but who they can blame the child’s wrong upon. Our society was built upon people taking responsibility for their failures and wrongs committed. The measure of a man was his honesty and integrity. Now we look at those we believed to have had honesty and integrity, and realize seldom is such the case. The expectation of a politician being “dirty,” the expectation of a businessman being a “crook,” and the expectation that a Cop or the Courts violating our rights has left us believing in the integrity of ourselves, our peers, and our Government.

You may wonder how the subject story is applicable to the preceding response from me. I see parents neglecting children, committing acts of disrespect towards others. I see children that because their parents are too lazy or just do not see that their children are growing up with a blatant disrespect of others, that are not being corrected by the parents leading to the death of others. I see parents that rather than teach their children to accept responsibility for their actions, teach them how to deny such responsibility. In essence, I see a whole bunch of people that just simply do not give a damn about how they treat others. And, I see a whole bunch of other people that do not care about how badly others are treated.

Authorities confiscated laptops and cell phones of 15 girls that went to school with the suicide victim. The victim was subject of abuse for a long period of time. Where have the parents of all of these children been during this time? How many parents have bothered to look at what their children are doing with the technology they have provided them? How many of the parents had any idea that their child was involved in such abusive conduct? Of those that did know, how many of them did anything to stop it?  How many school teachers, administration, and or parents actually did anything to stop the abuse? Were the abusers parents brought into the loop so they could correct their child’s conduct? Has our society depredated so much that out of a whole school full of children and adults, up to 32 possible parents of involved children, and all of us knowledgeable of the ever increasing acts of abuse in our society exist could do nothing to prevent or even discourage such abuse by our children?

We need to do something, because today here in America our society sucks!

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