Man seen toppling boulder claims ‘debilitating injuries’ –


This guy is what is wrong with America today . . .

Man seen toppling boulder claims ‘debilitating injuries’ –

The subject story tells us of a Boy Scout Troop on an outing to one of our National Parks in Utah. The Leaders ( adults ) in charge of the outing, instead of teaching the troop to respect nature and the specific beauty of the park, decide that toppling one of the “Goblins” destroying in a few moments what took nature millions of years to create.

Now the problem in this situation is not only that the Leaders assigned to this group of children, not only do not know how to properly conduct themselves as adults, but they choose to demonstrate their failed intelligence to impressionable young men that believe them to be responsible adults. The Boy Scouts Of America promptly removed the lot from their leadership roles subsequent to the video being discovered.

I ask you, what kind of idiot pulls this kind of crap? And does so while supervising children? Imagine his joy in getting kicked out of his son’s Scout Troop.

“My Dad used to be a Scout Leader.”


“Yeah, but he got kicked out because he is an idiot.”

Good job DAD! Why weren’t you teaching those kids to be respectful? You personally have probably caused the future destruction of some other valuable part of nature or history because those kids thought you were cool acting like an idiot. And, instead of you accepting responsibility for the damage you caused you are playing it off as though you did everybody a favor, which is the second dishonorable thing you have demonstrated to those children.

Now, let’s discuss your personal life outside of the Boy Scouts. The media noted you have filed a disability claim from an auto accident four years ago. There are two things a person with a back injury is not real likely to do:

  1. Be a Leader for a Boy Scout Troop that requires you spend a long period of time walking or on your feet.
  2. Act like a frigging idiot toppling Goblins.

Do you understand that you also have taught your son and all that know you the committing Insurance Fraud is acceptable conduct? Do you understand that by the acts you have committed while supervising and rearing children, that you are what is wrong with America today? Has it not occurred to you that you should be teaching children honesty, integrity, and what “common sense” is? Hopefully someone else will have an opportunity to influence your child to sway his growing up to be an idiot like his father.

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