rachael potter – Bing Videos


Sometimes it just helps to look away from everything for a moment of happiness . . .

rachael potter – Bing Videos

Looking at today’s news stories: An 11 Year old caught carrying a gun, knives, and 400 rounds of ammunition to school. A Massachusetts School Teacher killed with a box cutter. A Deputy kills a 13 year old carrying a fake rifle. A man found guilty of murder using a shake weight. And, so much more grief, pain, and abuse that it is almost unbearable to consider anything beautiful or happy exists.

As I read each terrible news article somehow I ended up at the subject video. I do not know why but it caught my attention so I took a minute to watch and listen. Man, can this “honey” sing. There is beauty and happiness in the world. And today, for me, it is a gal named Rachael Potter.

My advice to you folks: When you are feeling a little down, go watch the past “X Factor”  auditions and see if it lifts your spirits. There is a lot of talented people in this world. There are a few that will bring smiles and tears at the same time. 

For those of you that have never heard of Rachael Potter, her demo follows . . .

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