VIDEO – WSMV Channel 4


You think you got guts? This 8 year old is as gutsy as they come . . .

VIDEO – WSMV Channel 4

Our subject video tells us of a mother taking her kids to school that stops for gas along the way. While she goes into the store/station a man reaches into the mothers car stealing her purse. The bad guy had to fight the 8 year old son for the purse and when the 8 year old lost the battle for the purse he went in pursuit of the bad guy.

What kind of “loser” targets vehicles with young children in them? Actually, what kind of loser steals from anybody anywhere? Do you know what a “thief” is? A thief is a person of low moral character, a society failure, and someone that has no respect for others. There is nothing honorable about thievery. It isn’t a story like “Robin Hood” who stole from the rich giving to the poor. Today’s thieves steal from the “hard working struggling people” solely for their own benefit, regardless the harm they cause. What makes a man believe it acceptable to steal from another man what he has worked hard for? If you steal from others, regardless who the other may be, you are a “LOSER.” Do not question it. Just look into the mirror each day and tell yourself that you are a “loser.”  Your friends will likely already realize the loser you are. Your family will eventually see how big a “loser” you are. If you have children, likely your “loserness” will be found hereditary and infect your children.  And, without a doubt even strangers will note your lack of integrity. How you can “stand” as though a “man” will be questioned by your own mother. You are a “loser” get used to it.

I really have no respect for any kind of thievery. At least a “Robber” try’s to take the persons belongings from a person that might fight back. A thief attempts to  take a persons belongings while the person is unaware because they are afraid they will be discovered to be the “loser” they are.

But today’s loser was an exceptional “loser” as he got beat by an 8 year old that wasn’t afraid of “Losers.”

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