Colombian mother sold 12 daughters’ virginity, police say –


The headline is not saying sold 12 year old daughters’, it is saying sold twelve daughters . . .

Colombian mother sold 12 daughters’ virginity, police say –

Mother of 14! Our subject story tells us of a Columbian woman that is raising 14 children, 12 of which she supplements the family income by selling their virginity for very little money. The girls virginity was sold for $160.00 to $210.00 and the girls went on to prostitution after that. The situation was discovered subsequent to one of the girls becoming pregnant and refusing her mothers instructions to have an abortion.

I have been all over the world. I have seen children sold for livestock, sold for money, sold into slavery, and offered as collateral for a loan or debt. In most of these situations the act was made in desperation, using one family member’s sale to support the rest of the family’s survival. I have heard of young girls virginity offered for sale in the east, but never have I heard of a mother caring so little for her children to sell all of their virginity at age twelve and leaving the children with prostitution as a future. Only one girl who wasn’t age 12 yet and a young boy had not yet been subjected to this.

Imagine being a young girl in that family, knowing that when you turned 12 it was your turn. Imagine knowing your future was nothing but prostitution . . . Some people should have to pay for the damage done to children. When things like this happen to children the first and most precious thing lost is their innocence. Loss of the childhood and subsequent loss to their future is secondary. By one single act a child’s life can be destroyed with little hope of recovery.

Being a parent should come with a requirement of taking an oath to “cause no harm” to the child. And, severe penalty for failure to honor that oath. I support abortion. Nobody that does not want, love, and promise to care for a child should have one. Addicts, rape victims, and people unable to financially support their children should be forced abortions. Maybe that way children would have a chance of having a decent loving life.

I know I am being extreme, but something has to change with the way parents treat their children. I was raised in a large family and my family may have been messed up in many ways, but my parents loved every one of us and we all loved our family. I admit, as a parent I suck. But, my children’s mothers are excellent parents. Regardless, children today are abused far worse than most people can comprehend and it has to stop.

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