Is D.C. set to legalize marijuana?


We should charge every politician in the United States for conspiracy to maintain cartel control of marijuana.

Is D.C. set to legalize marijuana?

The subject video tells us of a movement to decriminalize marijuana in Washington D.C. I have a much better idea. How about we charge every politician in America with conspiracy to allow Mexican Drug Cartel’s Control of Drugs imported to America?

Seriously, how many years have politicians allowed the bogus “war on drugs” to bleed us dry of tax dollars while not resolving anything? How many lives destroyed by incarceration? How many people killed by Cartel wars? How many people killed here in the U.S.? All these wrongs are due to our politicians not doing their jobs, instead doing what they chose to. There is not a State in the United States today that should have a criminal charge for marijuana other than those similar to alcohol for misuse. And any State that fails to make these changes is allowing the control of marijuana to remain in the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartels.

I do not support drug usage in America. I do however support the right of adults to have a choice without penalty for all drugs. I support removal of control of drugs from criminals who have caused this Country and others very much harm.  I support medical treatment rather than criminal prosecution relative to drugs, and reduction of prior sentencing for drug related crimes non-violent in nature. And, I support taxation of all drugs sold in the United States regardless of origin. It is time that America profits from drug usage rather than making foreign Drug Lords rich.

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