Undocumented parents are deported while their children struggle – CNN.com


Do you mean to tell me that our Government finds it necessary to breakup families that have been in this Country for over 17 years?

Undocumented parents are deported while their children struggle – CNN.com

Our subject story tells us of two children that came home from school to discover their father was not coming home again. He had been snagged by Immigration and was on his way to being deported. The children’s mother had been deported 5 years ago. How we seem like a fair and just Country to anyone, I do not know.

It is not as though the father was a criminal, a terrorist, or even unemployed I believe. I assume the Mother and Father had entered this Country over 17 years ago and started a family. The subject story does not discuss if the Mother or Father were employed or how they provided for their family. It also does not discuss criminal misconduct by either parent. What it does discuss is leaving two children parentless and alone in their country, the Country they were born in and pledge allegiance to. I am sorry the story does state that the father owned his own Drywall Finishing business.

What I cannot understand is why our Politicians are so damn stupid that they cannot resolve immigration laws. It is not a difficult issue, until Politicians make it one. And regardless the written laws of this Country, when we as a Nation support the destruction of a family, we are doing wrong. What kind of future are we forcing these children into. Without parental support and guidance who is to say that both of these children won’t soon become victims of the environment we put them in?

If I were either of these children, I would be mad as hell at our Government. I know I, as a citizen of this Country get pissed every time I hear of a story like this. Our Government has allowed the immigration of thousands of people that have every intent on destruction of the United States as a Nation. We have allowed Terrorists to come into this Country with intent to do us harm. We have thousands of illegal immigrants that are criminals and/or gang members that should be deported. Instead we break up a family, leaving children parentless. I am embarrassed to be an American.

4 thoughts on “Undocumented parents are deported while their children struggle – CNN.com

  1. I am not embarrased to be an American, but certainly understand your passion since I also share it. I see families like the one described, everyday and I still have a difficult time not feeling the deepest compassion for them and the most outrage for our federal government that has allowed this to happen. I join them feeling powerless over what is happening but yet, I have the freedom of speaking out about these issues while they have to remain silent in fear of further negative repercussions against their loved ones.


    • I just kind of figure that if you have lived in this Country for over 5 years, have a family, no criminal misconduct other than illegal alien, have a job and are willing to pay taxes, and you have children born and raised in the U.S., then you have beat the system. The system needs to give you your citizenship papers and make you start paying taxes like everyone else. With this family, they had been here close to 20 years. They had children that are U.S. Citizens almost to voting age by this time. Why is it so hard to recognize that these are the immigrants we want to keep in this country?

      Under no circumstances, less felony criminal activity involved should our government break up a family. Deport them all or leave them be. There is no way I will ever support sending some child’s parent away leaving the child to be possibly taken advantage of or abused as a result. In this case the children appear to be safe at the moment. But, the impact of what has happened to their family is the type of thing that makes good people very angry and bad people. How many children have been stuck with unloving foster parents and ended up on the streets being exploited? The whole idea of our government breaking up a family just seems so damn cruel and offensive. Sorry, I am embarrassed to be an American. I didn’t serve our military and wear a badge for most of my life to have this type of stupidity happen here.


  2. I wish the system “made sense,” it doesn’t and I think we can all agree that it is truly broken. The system is most punitive to our own children, US born, American children. It is heartbreaking to say the least.


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