The Daily Dot – Sarah Silverman’s obituary for her dog is devastating


Losing a close pet is like losing family

The Daily Dot – Sarah Silverman’s obituary for her dog is devastating

Our subject story tells us of a celebrity name of Sarah Silverman who lost her best friend back in September. She writes a neat obituary for the dog that says a lot with little words . . .

Most folks do not realize the bond that can be formed between a person and their pet. For some, the bond is as close as family. And, it doesn’t matter the type of pet. While it is common for people to form strong bonds with dogs and cats, I have known many others.

When I was growing up, my mother was very bonded to a little rhesus monkey she named “Baby.” I know of a gal that cherishes her canaries that her day doesn’t start until she has greeted them in the morning. I know of a woman that for months has agonized over the loss of her dog because she cannot confirm the dog alive or not. Even I, have had pets that I care for deeply.

The surprise though, is when the pet cares for you. Have you ever met someone that has a pet that has saved their life? How about when a pet knows you are feeling bad that tries to comfort you? How about the story of a dog last year or so that wouldn’t leave his owners grave site? There are many examples, but the untrained dog that defends his owner has got to be the best example. I have seen numerous pets defend their owners just out of the bond they share.

My point being, do not underestimate the feelings that a person may have for their pet. I have met people that to them it is just an animal, but to the other person they may share a bond as close as family. Whatever you do, DO NOT ever underestimate or disregard a child’s feelings for a pet. Not only will doing so be hurtful to the child, but the child may remember such treatment for a very long time and it could damage the relationship between you and the child.

I have heard people say things like “Dogs do not have a soul, they can’t go to heaven.” I disagree. Any pet regardless of type that can demonstrate caring and affection has to have a soul. And, in my opinion most animals other than humans act considerably better to one another than we humans do, as well as treat us better than we treat them.

Love your pets as they love you. Care for them, and treat them like you want to be treated. Always remember that a caged or penned animal not properly cared for is an abused animal . . .

Our condolences for Ms. Silverman’s pooch, ( Good dogs go to heaven . . . ).

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