Cop fired in mentally ill man’s shooting


This cop should be charged with nothing less than attempted murder.

Cop fired in mentally ill man’s shooting

Our subject video tells us of a mentally ill man  sitting in a chair that when approached by two officers stood up. He had a knife in his hand. He made no aggressive move, did not advance on officers. One of the officers, without provocation or need fired four shots at the man, wounding him. Was there justification in this shooting? NO!

Officers sometimes are wrong in their actions, this is two of them. First the officer was wrong in the shooting, second he was wrong in the subsequent reports filed. But there is also a second victim. What of the second officer? Did he not file a report? Was his report also fictitious? If so, now you have two “dirty” cops.

Why do I say the second officer a victim? Because often the relationship and bond between partners in Law Enforcement requires you back up a partner’s mistakes or wrong-doing. Because sometimes in Law Enforcement the peer pressure from fellow officer’s requires you do what is necessary to defend your fellow officer.

Now let’s discuss the other consideration. Was this scenario a “set up?” I find it real interesting that since the first cell phone that had a camera in it, everybody is looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Is this such a case? Have you considered the payoff for the guy in the chair? Even if all that happened was one of the cop’s roughed the guy up, a potential law suit would have provided at least a few thousand dollars in return. People nation-wide are making stupid decisions daily now in effort to get that 15 minutes of fame. School shootings are not popular because of it being the best way to resolve the student problem. It is popular because of the “shock value” and the “fame” received with it. Going out in a “blaze of glory” is what the kid thinks. The end result is the kid get’s to be “someone” for a minute.

What kind of society have we become that live, even our own, is only worth our 15 minutes of fame? Is this such a case? I suspect anything that happens that has a camera trained on it before the action starts. Why? Because my phone does not provide the ability to present the clarity and focus most used for such situations does. So, either everyone else in the world that encounters such a situation has a phone far superior than mine or somebody intentionally was there with the purpose of filming the result. I am not saying such is true in this case, but the possibility exists.

Regardless, the officer’s action clearly were inappropriate and unlawful. Regardless it a set up or someone intentionally filming for that 15 minutes of fame, the officer’s actions inappropriate and unlawful. If the video real, the officer should be charged with attempted murder.  I personally believe that laws should be changed to require a Public Official enhancement penalty for public officials that violate the laws or others civil rights. As a highly paid Law Enforcement Officer you have been trained at our expense to ensure you make better decisions than this. 

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