Train riders too consumed with phones to see gun before shooting –


How disconnected can you be to allow a murder to happen right beside you?

Train riders too consumed with phones to see gun before shooting –

This story dates back a few weeks but I thought it worthy of discussion.

The subject story and video tell of a young man riding a San Francisco Muni Rail Car that is minding his own business. Near him but behind his back is a guy that looks like he is midway in a drug trip with a gun. There are about a dozen other people on the Muni. Nobody sees the man raise the gun three or for times, although there are people within a couple feet of him. The man shoots and kills the student, then people look up from their cell phones to see  what is going on.

Folks, you cannot be so engrossed in your cell phones that you are unaware of your surroundings. This is how you become a victim. You need to be aware of whom and what is going on at all times in today’s world. Even your friends may be of concern. I am not trying to be extremist here, although it may seem that way. Being aware of your surroundings does not mean being paranoid or not doing anything else. It simply means looking up every so often to see if there is reason for concern. I also carry a cell phone and read books or newspapers when on transit vehicles, but I often look up to see what is going on.

Trust me, knowing what is happening around you can sometimes save your life or someone else’s. Seriously, what were these other passenger’s doing? Social Media? Great, they were do busy telling each other who is sniffing who’s butt while some clown is waving a gun around to pay attention. Pay attention folks, bad things happen to everyone if you cannot stop it from happening.

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